Basketball Training is BBT

BasketBall Training (BBT) is the premier destination in the world for teams, professionals, and student-athletes looking to improve their athleticism, strength, and basketball skills.
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I consider myself fortunate being able to train some of the best players in the world as well as players of all ages and abilities. Through out my experience and the basketball training system I have developed, I've seen players from high school all the way to the pro's maximize their potential consistently, achieving their desired objectives and pushing themselves to an elite level on the basketball court.

Skills development and performance advancements are the keys to off-season training for players of all ages. BBT incorporates all worldwide quality performance programs for its athletes, so it can prepare the players to become the best they can be. By focusing closely on the concepts of integrated skills training, elite performance training, proper nutrition, mental preparation, corrective exercises and kinetic chain improvement, the program is thus unparalleled which produces faster results than any other program on the market today.

Our program basically changes the way each player approaches the game today, it helps them focus on essential elements to maximize their abilities and further develop their goals to become successful athletes.

Zacharias Parimeros
Zacharias Parimeros