Basketball Training is BBT

BasketBall Training (BBT) is the premier destination in the world for teams, professionals, and student-athletes looking to improve their athleticism, strength, and basketball skills.
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BBT offers customized, all-inclusive basketball training for individual player development. Training packages are designed based on the needs of the athlete to help them reach the level of success they are capable of attaining. Elements of the personal training package include skill development, strength and conditioning training, speed, agility and quickness training. Development of leadership and character is also offered along with recruit advisement and education.

Skill Development:

Skill training focuses on the form and footwork of ball handling, jump shooting, post moves, free throws, and rebounding. Athletes will increase hand quickness and arm strength as well as develop the ability to be a greater offensive threat on the court.

Strength and Conditioning Training:

Weightlifting and cardiovascular training increases strength and endurance, allowing athletes to compete in the physical aspects of the game.

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Training:

SAQ training increases foot speed, balance, and body control. Athletes will build a strong core, making them quicker and more athletic. SAQ training is also helpful for injury prevention.

Development of Leadership and Character (DLC):

Having character is as important to athletic success as physical ability or skill. Our unique DLC program encourages athletes to set goals, manage their time, eat healthy, live by priniciples and define their quest for basketball success.

Recruit Advisement and Education:

BBT guides athletes and their families through the recruiting process, empowering the recruit with the knowledge needed to make the best decision for his or her future. Recruitment knowledge and game film analysis helps ease the decision-making process.

Team Building:

Building strong team chemistry is the key to great team success. Through our exercises, team members become a united team, working together to achieve common goals.

College Hunting Service:

Take the hassel out of the recruiting process.BBT will coordinate all of the investigative work required when learning about the colleges and universities who are recruiting you. You will receive reports detailing the history of the coaching staff and program, RPI rankings of the program and conference over the previous 4 seasons. The strength of schedule and post season NCAA and WNIT appearances. Conference strength and win/loss records indicating the power house programs you would contend with during your collegiate career. Information regarding current athletes, their production and year of graduation. Academic profiles of the program, graduation rates and academic assitance available to current student-athletes. All the vital information your family will need is detailed so you can make an informed decision when it comes to the signing date.

Contact Coach Parimeros to begin your comprehensive personal training program and your quest for basketball greatness. Training is available during the pre-season, post-season, and season and may be completed within a group or individually. Group rates are available upon request.