Basketball Training is BBT

BasketBall Training (BBT) is the premier destination in the world for teams, professionals, and student-athletes looking to improve their athleticism, strength, and basketball skills.
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We at BBT have helped athletes in all sports and now our programs are also available to children and adults who want to feel better, perform better and live better. Our nutritional education and performance training programs are offered to help those aspiring to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle. Those who have taken advantage of BBT include individuals involved in all levels of: baseball, basketball, football, swimming, hiking, cycling, motorcycle racing, sailing, soccer, track and field, tennis and volleyball.

The multi-level training system that has been used by BBT to enhance the careers of NBA stars will be applied to produce and develop athletes and go-getters of all ages. Overall goals are set, and then each area of performance is specifically addressed to allow each client to reach these goals through increased functional strength, balance, power and general athleticism.

Our main focus is basically on an individual client's performance weaknesses court to create a training environment that pushes the client to maximize his or her ability and achieve the desired results. Clients will set goals based on in-depth analysis, then work diligently to achieve them through intense performance training.

Our programs are devised by world-class exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, and performance coaches. It is a comprehensive system that will maximize a person's physical development. The following 6 performance aspects are analyzed in order to specifically target the needs of each person that will directly translate to improved performance, more daily energy, improved body composition, and overall better health:

  • Biomechanical evaluation uses a functional movement screen to assess joint function and mobility, and core muscular stability, thereby enabling the BBT professional team to devise an exercise plan with the individual's needs as it's focus.
  • Performance testing assesses each client's physical and cardiovascular strength, power, efficiency, and speed.
  • Cardiovascular Analysis gauges the cardiovascular capacity of a person through heart rate and oxygen efficiency testing.
  • Pillar/Foundational Strength Analysis and Development helps develop balance and body control.
  • Body Weight & Composition helps determine ideal weight and body fat/lean muscle ratio.
  • Nutrition examination of caloric intake along with dietary analysis in order to fully realize the benefits of high-intensity training.