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Shooting, as often stated, is the easiest of all skills to improve. Form and Focus are the two "areas" of shooting so time must be spent in both areas in order to yield a killer "J". Form shooting is essential and can be done with no hoop. Actual shooting requires time. You should concentrate on drills that will get you the most bang for your buck. For example, since the majority of shooting will be on the move (or off of relocating) so drills that include going to get your own ball or throwing the ball out, going to get it, then shooting builds not only shooting skill but stamina also.

Always be "live" when you train. Meaning, pay attention on every shot to what you are doing and what you are looking at (focus). Pay attention to the "feel". Attempt to connect the "feel" to the shot going in. Always know how much your shooting, as well as how many you make and the the time it takes to complete. Continue to work on increasing the number of shots taken, the number of shots made, in less time. Track your progress.

Anyone can shoot. Great players make shots, from game spots at game speed. Shooting is the hardest skill to master. It requires specific mechanics with daily repetition. Learn at an early age to shoot the correct way. Get comfortable with your form and then get reps in daily. Be able to make 300-1000 shots a day. Mix up your shots, get stationary shots, shots off the cut, shots off the dribble, and shots off a jab/catch. Have variety in your drills, use chairs, two balls, and cones. Put your drills on the clock. How many can you make in 1 minute. Shooting is fun and you should never get bored with your workouts. Put pressure on yourself. If you don't make 70% of your 14-18 footers and 60% of your 19-23 footers on your own, you have to develop some sort of punishment for you. Shooters are made, not born.